Voice over at Rashidayn Linguists
Female Voice artist in action

Rashidayn Linguists has as well foreseen the significance of voice-over to its client and as a result recruited highly qualified staff whichever of the two genders.

The languages whose voicing over is currently available




Very soon, the founders are planing to increase the language coverage to 20 and more as time goes-by.

In this category, just to enhance the quality of the voice, our freelancers are made to have all the essentials of voice-over tools, be it the voice-over microphone, pop filters, studio headphones, chock-mount and so on.


Regardless of the domain the voiceover might be targeted for and as well the volume of task to be handled, Rashidayn Linguists gives full promise in delivering your task on time and with the highest possible quality as our voice artists give all they are capable of and consistently intend to win the client’s heart and probably create a “returning atmosphere” through the unmatched hard work and collaboration they put into consideration with this agency.

Might you be convinced and intending to give our voicing over service a try, please contact us.

Thank you in advance.

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