Unlike many freelancing agencies who hardly proofread a work they didn’t handle at it’s major part (Translation, Interpretation, Voice-over and so on), Rashidayn Linguists is fully ready to carryout any piece of language related task with loyalty and amazement and without raising complain aver such a task. The languages we proofread (currently) EnglishArabicFrenchAmharicOromoSomaliSwahili With theContinue reading “PROOF-READING”


Rashidayn Linguists has as well foreseen the significance of voice-over to its client and as a result recruited highly qualified staff whichever of the two genders. The languages whose voicing over is currently available English<>ArabicEnglish<>FrenchEnglish<>SwahiliEnglish<>OromoEnglish<>AmharicEnglish<>SomaliArabic<>SomaliSwahili<>Somali Very soon, the founders are planing to increase the language coverage to 20 and more as time goes-by. In thisContinue reading “VOICE-OVER”