Privacy Policy

Rashidayn Linguists, takes full control over all data submitted by our clients as well as our freelancers.

Under no circumstance should the agency/company ever expose client’s data to unauthorized hands for whatever reason, in short whatever that happens between this agency and a client stays within the company’s virtual/physical offices.

What data do we need?
In the case of freelancers, we already have enough talents in the few languages we deal with, however, in case you feel like you should be a member of the team and you can work in any of the languages listed in the About us page, please visit this LinkedIn profile and send a request message, LinkedIn as we currently don’t recruit staff through this site.

A client?
Our clients do have the first priority so do their data.
As a client you should be asked to present very brief and personalized information, your name, contact, address then the rest of the data will circulate around the job in question(?), the payment terms and all that relates to that.

Should we reserve your data for future use?
Yes, of course, this enables us easy retrieval of your data in case you may happen to work with us in the future which is very common in multiple occasions.


Rashidayn Linguists promises to take full protection of your data, your addresses, images, messages and any form of communication that happens between a staff in the company and you as a client. It stands a point for suing if any of your data is exposed without your consent and probably attract penalty at court level.
This is to prove you that we care about your data, your work and relationships.

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